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Webinar Recap: Commerce Strategy Session

By Amit Shah, CEO

Our Commerce Strategy Session series is underway, and we are excited to be helping merchants as they prepare for the busiest time of the year and tackle daily challenges presented by the ever-changing ecommerce atmosphere. Our first call was last week, and we wanted to share some of the take-aways we learned.

First of all, merchants of all sizes find it difficult to compete with top commerce sites, so if you are wondering how you can go up against the big guys like Amazon - you’re not alone. During the call we discussed how the right ecommerce data and insights can level the playing field for merchants and help them win more business.

We further discussed the various ways merchants can use their store data to adapt some of the practices used by top sites, whether it is using it to send highly customized messages to customers or reduce abandoned cart rates.

During a survey conducted on the call we also learned that:

  • Nearly 60 percent said their biggest pain point was trying to analyze and make sense of their ecommerce data with tools like Google Analytics.

  • 66 percent said their largest concern going into the holidays was meeting revenue goals.

  • 62 percent said customer, marketing, merchandising and omni-channel data was important for them to understand in order to make their online store successful.

If you missed the first part of the series and want to learn how to use your store data to increase revenue, be sure to watch session recording below!

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Oct 9,2014

7 Tips to Succeed this Holiday Season

Total ecommerce sales have grown 16 percent over last year’s number, and the market is only heating up. This year’s holiday season, according to the National Retail Federation, expects to see a 9 to 12 percent increase over last year’s holiday sales.  

How can your online store capitalize on the upswing during this year’s coming holiday season? We’ve pulled together 7 best practices that our own merchants have shared with us to help you prepare!

  1. Keep an Eye on Demand: Keep a close eye on how fast your products are selling, and which are selling the best. Doing this enables you to remerchandise on the fly. Feature your best selling products more prominently on your site, and to lead customer acquisition campaigns with best sellers. It will also help you anticipate sell through rates so you can ensure you have the inventory to meet demand.


Real Time Dashboard

  1. Bundle Items: Drive higher order values among customers with low average order value, or help to give promising products higher visibility, by creating gift sets or offering a package price for goods. Not sure where to start? Look for products that are frequently purchased together, or products that get lower traffic but have great conversion rates. Your lower AOV customers might be inclined to spend more if they sense a deal, while other customers will just be thankful that you’ve taken the stress out of finding the perfect gift!


Product Insight

  1. Target Your Best Customers: 80 percent of brands send the same marketing promotions to all of their customers - but not all customers are created equal. Your best customers are your most loyal customers so reward them with exclusive promotions or advanced previews. This will not only keep them coming back after the holidays are over, but it will also give you a nice revenue spurt before the holiday madness begins.

  1. Tap Into Your Discount Customers: Every business has customers that only make a purchase when a discount is involved. Be sure to send these customers information on all your sales and promotions, and maybe even try counting down to promotions in order to build anticipation. You can also drive additional revenue with post-holiday sales to this audience.

  1. Monitor Your Marketing: This holiday season will be one of the shortest on record, with only 26 shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Reaching your customers with the right message, via the right channel can be critical in terms of a successful holiday selling season. Be sure to pay attention to which channels are driving conversions, and which promotions your customers are responding to. If Facebook drives more sales than Pinterest -  adjust campaigns accordingly.


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  1. Promising Products Can Boost Revenue: If you have promising products on your site that sell well despite low traffic, you might want to run promotions or ads that draw customers to these products to see if you can boost revenue. Just imagine how well they could perform with higher traffic!


Product Insight

  1. Don’t Forget Mobile: IBM forecasts that in November 2014, 20 percent of ecommerce sales and 43 percent of site traffic will come from mobile devices. Keep an eye on which channels are driving sales, and make sure your site works well on mobile. You may also want to consider adding mobile marketing into the mix.

Do you need help segmenting your customers, or getting a better handle on your merchandising and marketing data? Start a free trial of Jirafe to get customer, merchandising and abandoned cart insights that will help you make decisions at the speed of commerce.

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Oct 3,2014

Webinar Recap: Ecommerce Strategies to Grow Your Business With Magento

Last month we held a webinar in partnership with Gorilla Group to discuss real-life case studies about businesses that have grown on the Magento platform. We covered a range of topics including best practice tips and strategies for managing the growth of a brand, as well as how data-driven business decisions can help companies of all sizes grow revenue.


Some interesting findings from the call: 

70 percent of attendees said they consider ecommerce data “extremely important” for future growth.

66 percent of attendees said they currently use Google Analytics to monitor their ecommerce store. 

Nearly 50 percent added that is was difficult to track and measure their brand’s customer, product, and marketing performance. 

Of all attendees, 64 percent were interested in implementing a solution for conversion optimization.

It’s no secret that Google Analytics is not ideal for ecommerce tracking, mainly because it does not allow data segmentation and cohort analysis based on customer behavior, revenue, purchase patterns, and merchandise performance.  

Jirafe was created specifically with merchants in mind. Our advanced commerce intelligence solution ties together data in the form of "insights" so that you can make decisions that drive revenue. Watch this short video to learn more.

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Sep 16,2014

Ecommerce Growth Toolkit - Learn more at Meet Magento NY

By Amit Shah, CEO


I am excited to lead a panel at the innaugural Meet Magento conference starting on September 22, 2014 in New York City. Along with Gorilla Group’s Strategy and Operations Director, Victoria Markley, we will explore ways Magento merchants can scale, and how data-driven decisions can help to shape best practices for managing customer engagement and merchandising strategies.

We will share some real world examples that merchants can take away and apply to their own business. Attendees will have the following questions answered:

  • How flexible is your site, for example, can you easily incorporate what’s trending into your site’s design or optimize pages based on what’s trending?

  • What do ideal conversion pathways look like? Can improving them help increase sell through rates on your site?

  • What are some best practices for optimizing on site merchandising?

  • What tactics can you employ on site to improve customer engagement.

Be sure to register to attend Meet Magento NY, and learn how to better manage your evolving ecommerce business. Get 50 percent off with the code: Meet50Jirafe.


Sep 15,2014

How Jirafe Helps New Companies Adjust to Rapid Growth

Founded by brothers, Adam and Shaun Lee, Bohemian Guitars sells sustainable guitars directly through their website. The demand for guitars has quickly risen, but due to the lengthy process required to produce a guitar, the company found that their businesses needed to become more efficient to meet demand.

“Getting our international manufacturing, logistics, and fulfillment streamlined has been the biggest challenge for us,” said CEO, Adam Lee, who added that knowing the origin of visitors was the kind of information he knew he needed in order capitalize on demand. “We needed a better understanding of where to focus our advertising dollars. We believe there is a lot of revenue being left on the table that we can convert if we do things better,” he said.

Upon activating Jirafe, Bohemian Guitars was able to easily monitor their abandonment rates, as well as see what products and categories had the best and worst conversion rates. According to Lee, “[The cart abandonment report] has given us the opportunity to really review the customer’s experience when purchasing a product on our site, make some small tests, see what that does to the abandon cart rate, and add a different call-to-action throughout the purchasing process.”

Below are examples of what Bohemian Guitars looked at. (*Note screens do not reflect actual Bohemian Guitars data.)


Abandon Carts


 Abandoned Products


Most Abandoned Products

The ability to make better educated business decisions based on the data they found in Jirafe, helped Bohemian Guitars achieve growth of over 300 percent. “We have also seen about a 10 percent decrease in cart abandonment and this continues to get better as we are able to collect more data to analyze,” said Lee.

To learn more about how Bohemian Guitars improved their business, and why they prefer Jirafe over Google Analytics, read the full case study here.

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Sep 11,2014

Product Update: You can now export Insights

We’ve made Jirafe even better! You can now export all of your Customer, Merchandising and Abandoned Cart Insights data with the click of a button. This new feature quickly gives you the data you need to improve areas of your business, including:

  • Marketing: You can use Customer Insights data to do advanced segmentation by uploading relevant customer information into marketing automation systems and targeting that segment with offers.

  • Merchandising: You can use the Product Insights data to perform advanced analysis at the product or SKU level on which products to promote, improve or discontinue.

  • Conversion Rates: You can use the Abandoned Carts Insights data to find out what products are making it to the checkout process, but causing customers to hesitate.  Based on that data you can take action such as introducing a price change, or creating more compelling product description.

Here's how to access this feature:

Step 1

Visit the Insights tab at the left, and click the Insight you wish to explore.


Step 2

Click the mini CSV icon at the top right of your data to export.


Step 3

In just seconds, the CSV version of your data is delivered to your inbox.


Here is the feature in action! 

Want to learn more about how Jirafe works?

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Sep 4,2014

The State of Retail Marketing

Last month we attended the's Online Merchandising Conference, and sat in on a session presented by Sucharita Mulpuru, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, in which she discussed the State of Retailing Online (SORO). The main objective of SORO is to highlight retailer benchmarks, such as site metrics, merchandising and mobile investments. There were some key takeaways, a few of which you can find below:

  • Google dominates the web marketing landscape; PLAs are gaining steam and taking share from comparison shopping engines. Right now, paid search accounts for 36 percent of online marketing budgets, and PLAs account for 11 percent. Keep in mind that it’s getting harder and harder to make paid search work because cost CPCs are increasing.
  • Display ads are becoming much more effective due to remarketing and behavioral targeting. Display ads are increasingly becoming a more important acquisition tool, and according to polled retailers, 29 percent say retargeting ads have been their most successful vehicle to acquire new customers in the past year. Additionally, 10 percent of retailers indicated that behavioral targeting ads were their most successful source.
  • Email continues to be the workhorse of web marketing. Email marketing is not slowing down any time soon. According to polled retailers, 72 percent spent more money on emailing marketing this year than they did last year.
  • Mobile marketing budgets are going up but spend is going toward email, search and display. Mobile marketing is making serious headway in terms of adoption, with 75 percent of retailers indicating that they currently use paid search campaigns optimized for mobile, 66 percent indicating they use mobile email optimization, and 53 percent indicating they use mobile ad display.
  • Attribution models are a work-in-progress. Measuring sales impact across different touch points (mobile, online, in-store) is proving to be tricky for retailers, with 51 percent saying that it is difficult to recognize customers across devices and 46 percent saying that it is difficult to connect data across devices.

As data indicates, creating relevant and personalized experiences for customers is becoming increasingly important for retailers. Jirafe is a great tool to understand how retailers can better serve customers through omni-channel, and give them access to the right data so they can improve attribution. Learn more about how Jirafe can help your business become a customer-centric brand by signing up for a demo:

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Aug 5,2014

Why “Simple” is Our Favorite Compliment

By Lou Paglia, Chief Product Officer

Earlier this year, I was at the hybris Customer Days conference in Munich giving customers and prospects demos. Lots of them. About halfway through one of the demos, a customer said, "Wow, this is simple!" As the Chief Product Officer here at Jirafe, let me tell you, there is nothing better than hearing a comment like that.

We strive every day to give customers a window into their commerce data so they can effortlessly make data driven marketing and merchandising decisions. We know that merchants spend too much time trying to interpret their data and build reports, instead of taking what that data is telling them and using it to execute their next business decision. Our team works hard to perfect a product that solves this problem, and takes complex data interactions that occur “under the hood” and makes them seem simple to the end user.


For example, our platform has numerous API endpoints that allow customers to easily and seamlessly send us their commerce data. In the cases of market leading platforms such as hybris, Magento and Shopify, we have out-of-the-box extensions that allow our customers to have their commerce stores fully synchronized with Jirafe at all times. Data technologies such as Storm, Hive and Hadoop process the data all before it ever reaches our customers’ dashboards.

One of our customers, Snowflakes Designs, came to us because they wanted a solution that was intuitive and user-friendly. In the words of Ryan Walker, Head of Ecommerce Operations, “We used to use Google Analytics, but it was difficult for the team to build reports in it and get the most out of it. For me, and the rest of my team, we like Jirafe because it has been helpful for us to easily view information that would have taken a higher learning curve to extract from our systems with another tool.”

This is a great example of how being “simple” helped a customer get results and spend time on what matters: their business. This is also the reason why, whether it comes from a prospect to whom I am giving a product demo or from an existing customer, hearing that we are “simple” is one of the best compliments we can possibly receive.

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Jul 31,2014