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The State of Retail Marketing

Last month we attended the's Online Merchandising Conference, and sat in on a session presented by Sucharita Mulpuru, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, in which she discussed the State of Retailing Online (SORO). The main objective of SORO is to highlight retailer benchmarks, such as site metrics, merchandising and mobile investments. There were some key takeaways, a few of which you can find below:

  • Google dominates the web marketing landscape; PLAs are gaining steam and taking share from comparison shopping engines. Right now, paid search accounts for 36 percent of online marketing budgets, and PLAs account for 11 percent. Keep in mind that it’s getting harder and harder to make paid search work because cost CPCs are increasing.
  • Display ads are becoming much more effective due to remarketing and behavioral targeting. Display ads are increasingly becoming a more important acquisition tool, and according to polled retailers, 29 percent say retargeting ads have been their most successful vehicle to acquire new customers in the past year. Additionally, 10 percent of retailers indicated that behavioral targeting ads were their most successful source.
  • Email continues to be the workhorse of web marketing. Email marketing is not slowing down any time soon. According to polled retailers, 72 percent spent more money on emailing marketing this year than they did last year.
  • Mobile marketing budgets are going up but spend is going toward email, search and display. Mobile marketing is making serious headway in terms of adoption, with 75 percent of retailers indicating that they currently use paid search campaigns optimized for mobile, 66 percent indicating they use mobile email optimization, and 53 percent indicating they use mobile ad display.
  • Attribution models are a work-in-progress. Measuring sales impact across different touch points (mobile, online, in-store) is proving to be tricky for retailers, with 51 percent saying that it is difficult to recognize customers across devices and 46 percent saying that it is difficult to connect data across devices.

As data indicates, creating relevant and personalized experiences for customers is becoming increasingly important for retailers. Jirafe is a great tool to understand how retailers can better serve customers through omni-channel, and give them access to the right data so they can improve attribution. Learn more about how Jirafe can help your business become a customer-centric brand by signing up for a demo:

Aug 5,2014

Why “Simple” is Our Favorite Compliment

By Lou Paglia, Chief Product Officer

Earlier this year, I was at the hybris Customer Days conference in Munich giving customers and prospects demos. Lots of them. About halfway through one of the demos, a customer said, "Wow, this is simple!" As the Chief Product Officer here at Jirafe, let me tell you, there is nothing better than hearing a comment like that.

We strive every day to give customers a window into their commerce data so they can effortlessly make data driven marketing and merchandising decisions. We know that merchants spend too much time trying to interpret their data and build reports, instead of taking what that data is telling them and using it to execute their next business decision. Our team works hard to perfect a product that solves this problem, and takes complex data interactions that occur “under the hood” and makes them seem simple to the end user.


For example, our platform has numerous API endpoints that allow customers to easily and seamlessly send us their commerce data. In the cases of market leading platforms such as hybris, Magento and Shopify, we have out-of-the-box extensions that allow our customers to have their commerce stores fully synchronized with Jirafe at all times. Data technologies such as Storm, Hive and Hadoop process the data all before it ever reaches our customers’ dashboards.

One of our customers, Snowflakes Designs, came to us because they wanted a solution that was intuitive and user-friendly. In the words of Ryan Walker, Head of Ecommerce Operations, “We used to use Google Analytics, but it was difficult for the team to build reports in it and get the most out of it. For me, and the rest of my team, we like Jirafe because it has been helpful for us to easily view information that would have taken a higher learning curve to extract from our systems with another tool.”

This is a great example of how being “simple” helped a customer get results and spend time on what matters: their business. This is also the reason why, whether it comes from a prospect to whom I am giving a product demo or from an existing customer, hearing that we are “simple” is one of the best compliments we can possibly receive.

Jul 31,2014

Summer Sales and How to Capitalize on Holidays

Summer is officially in full-swing, and that means nearly every retailer is having a seasonal sale. The extra-long July 4th weekend gave both on and offline retailers the opportunity to ramp up their efforts aimed at clearing out summer stock. Some chose to further reduce on-sale items, while others chose limited-time offers.

If your company didn’t partake in a weekend initiative this time around, keep in mind there are many ways to capitalize on long weekends and holidays. Best Buy, for example, offered a weekend-only promotion that offered a curated selection of products on sale until July 5th (left). Kate Spade further discounted on-sale items, and gave an additional 25 percent off with the use of a promotional code.


If you're not sure where to begin as you start preparing for your Labor Day promotions, you can do a quick review of your merchandising performance. Look to target low performing products (products that get low traffic and low conversions, or high traffic and low conversions) to start. You may also want to give some of your promising products (low traffic, high conversions) a nudge as well to bring them to the forefront.

Click here to learn more about how Jirafe's merchandising information can help you with your next promotion.

Jul 9,2014

Jirafe is Now Available in the Shopify App Store

We are excited to announce that Jirafe is now available in the Shopify app store!  It is now easier than ever for companies to get accurate and powerful insights that can be used to make smarter business decisions. Regardless of the size of your business, Jirafe gives Shopify users all the tools to manage product performance; identify your best customers;  and optimize marketing programs.

Get the Jirafe app for Shopify now by clicking here, and check out the video below to learn how you can use Jirafe to start growing your business.  

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Jul 8,2014

Omni-Channel Mixology: Creating the Perfect Cross-Channel Cocktail

Analyst group Forrester expects online and web-influenced retail sales to top $1.8 trillion 2017, a 38 percent increase from 2013.

It’s no secret that many of today’s largest brands are embracing omni-channel to improve customer experience, engagement and sales. Nordstrom now displays most pinned items from Pinterest in brick-and-mortar stores. Neiman Marcus uses an app that alerts salespeople when a regular customer enters the store, and then arms them with the customer’s buying preferences.


New data indicates that it is increasingly important for brands to converge the worlds of online and offline retail. According to Forrester, 52 percent of U.S. consumers buy directly from their favorite brands online. Additionally, 50 percent of consumers expect to be able to pick up orders placed online in-store (click here to view the full infographic). With numbers like this, it is no wonder why many merchants are frantically trying to capture data that can help them add omni-channel practices into their business strategies. 

Embracing cross-channel customer engagement isn't easy - and making sure that you're executing the right mix of activities in the right way is important. Jirafe can help you transform your data into insights and action, so you can focus on what’s important - growing revenue. Pod1's work on an online trunk show is a great example of how brands can drive customer engagement via the web.

> > To sign up for the webinar click here.




Jul 2,2014

Embracing Omni-channel: Its All About Creating a Better Customer Experience

Guest Post By Fadi Shuman, CEO and Founder of Pod1

Web-influenced sales will account for more than half of all retail transactions In the next two years according to Forrester.   As a result many brands are focusing more and more on the interaction between their online and offline channels - all with the goal of serving their customers better.

This is especially true with high-end brands like Burberry who have fully embraced omnichannel as a way to provide their customers with white glove service.  They were the first luxury brand to offer online ordering with in-store pick-up, and the brand has also partnered with Alibaba to offer Chinese luxury shoppers an online venue.  In store, Burberry has incorporated show-stopping technology into their flagship London store.  They’ve developed displays throughout the store enabling access to information about products nearby equipped with RFID tags, and have equipped their store associates tablets for personalized customer assistance.  

From what we’ve seen at Pod1, merchants like Burberry and our client Salvatore Ferragamo, who created a virtual trunk show as a way to launch their ready to wear brand online, embrace omnichannel as an opportunity to marry online and offline shopping to create more personalized experiences for their customers. The truth about omni-channel is that regardless of what channels you use to target your customers, the goal should always be to create a consistent and authentic brand experience customers.  




In our up and coming webinar with Jirafe we will talk about how Ferragamo translates in store experiences to the web and mobile, and how it empowers them to deliver individualized experiences across all of their customer touchpoints and adapt quickly to consumers’ changing expectations for shopping.  Jirafe will also discuss the value of having a 360 degree view of your customers, and how knowing your customer can drive deeper engagement and grow revenue.

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Jun 19,2014

How Snowflake Designs Grew Digital Marketing Conversions In 30 Days

A specialty athletic apparel retailer with a 30 year history, Snowflake Designs turned to digital marketing to grow revenue. Jirafe for Magento helped them to optimize conversions.Snowflake_Case_Study

“We were at the point with our company where we needed to look at how we could optimize our online channel,” said Ryan Walker, Head of E Commerce Operations at Snowflake Designs. “Managing a business that manufactures, and then sells both online and offline has become harder to do — so we had to become more efficient with how we ran our business.”  

The brand chose to use Jirafe for Magento to help them analyze the success of their digital marketing campaigns and pinpoint where they could increase their conversion rates.  Walker and his team saw rapid results, and were able to improve their online advertising spend and increase conversion rates in 30 days. 

“We had 30,000 likes on Facebook, so our spend was very social heavy. However, after we looked at our data in Jirafe we realized that we weren’t driving significant revenue from that channel,” he said.

Walker made the decision to reallocate 50% of their social media ad spend to Google Adwords, and noticed a 300 percent increase in their customer conversion rates. “Our organic search rates also improved by 50%, while our social conversions remained the same,” he said.

To learn more about how they did it, why the chose Jirafe over Google Analytics, and what they plan to do next read the full case study here.

Jun 13,2014

Jirafe For Magento is Here!

We are excited to announce that we have launched the latest version of Jirafe for the Magento platform!  We've worked hard on this version of Jirafe to give Magento users powerful ecommerce analytics right within their dashboard.  We created a quick video walk through that you can access here to see the new Jirafe!

In this release you will be able to take advantage of new features that are designed to help support your Jirafe integration.  For example, the live analytics status page enables you to run checks for version compatibility and to see whether or not crons are enabled for Magento and PHP. 
We've also improved our navigation panel and added more shortcuts to some of our most frequently used reports.  New shortcuts include the ability to easily access your purchase funnel (click the funnel icon) and orders (click the shopping bag icon). 

New Jirafe Nav:

See the new Jirafe for Magento by signing up for a trial here.

May 29,2014